Year 4 – Home Learning 09.07.2020

Good morning everyone,

We hope you are having a great week of learning!

Please remember to keep in touch with us using our emails below:

We love seeing all of your fantastic work!

Look after yourself and have a lovely day!


See below for the tasks we would like your child to complete today:


Home Learning for Thursday 9th July 2020:


Watch the short video Quadrilaterals

Complete the attached task below (the answers will also be attached so you can assess your child’s learning).

Quadrilaterals Task

Quadrilaterals Answers


Please email the completed work to your child’s teacher.


Have a go at these division games:


Practice your times-tables speed with the 2do set on Purple Mash.



This week we are going to watch this video –


For the next TWO days we would like you to create a comic strip to illustrate the journey the alien takes once we gets to earth.


There will be a comic strip template attached below if you would like to use it OR you could draw and create your own one. Please be as creative as you can and make sure you use lots of colour!

Comic Strip Templates



Reread Chapter 6 of A Sheep Dip to India which is available to read on Purple Mash.

Complete the chapter sequencing activity that is attached below.

Chapter Sequencing


Remember to read your own book everyday (reading helps us develop fantastic language for our own writing!)



These are going to be your spelling words to learn this week:

Awkwardly, frantically, curiously, obediently, carefully, rapidly, unexpectedly, deliberately, hurriedly, reluctantly

NB: On Friday, test your child on how they have done with learning to spell these words.


Task One: continue to practice spelling your words using tasks such as – Pyramid words, Rainbow words, you could clip letters out of newspapers or magazines to spell your words, etc.

Task Two: you have 10 spelling words this week, write 10 sentences using your spelling words correctly. Try to write more complex sentences. You could even challenge yourself to use a fronted adverbial or expanded noun phrase.


Afternoon Tasks:

We were supposed to learn all about Law and Power between the years 1154 – 1272 during Summer 2. This time period is rich in history and is the beginning of the Law we know today in England.

This week you will be set a variety of tasks that will continue throughout the week. Choose one to complete everyday OR you could complete one or two things over a number of days; the choice is yours!

You might want to get some adult support to complete some of these tasks.


  1. With the support of an adult, learn about the difference between ‘trial by jury’ and ‘trial by ordeal’. Present your findings in Poster form.


Think about the following questions:

    • What do the phases mean?
    • Can you give any examples?
    • Who was responsible for bringing trial by jury to England?


  1. Learn about what happened to Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral (Henry II was involved). Write a newspaper report using the template below. There will also be pictures available for you to put into your report but you could find your own!

Newspaper Report Template



  1. Learn what a crusade is. Why did people go on crusades? Recreate a map showing the different crusades that people went on. The map attached below is only for a reference. You MUST draw and create your own map to show the different crusades.

Crusade Map (reference)


  1. Do some research on the Magna Carta (What is it? Why is it important?)


The Magna Carta had to be written very quickly because it was created so suddenly; but back in the medieval times, people used writing called illuminated letters. These letters were used for mainly religious documents.

Your task is to write your name using illuminated letters (look below for some examples).

There is also this video that will help you begin to write your illuminated letters –

  1. Learn about Simon de Montford. Who is he? What did he do? Why was it important? What happened between Simon and Henry III?


Now, imagine you are one of the people called upon to form the first parliament in England by Simon de Montford. You need to choose a side! Do you agree with Simon or do you agree with Henry III?

You need to create a political party that either supports Simon or Henry III! Use the resource below to create a poster to support one of these two men.

Political Party Poster


You must have the following things:

    • A name for your political party
    • A slogan (something catchy that you believe in)
    • A logo for your party
    • The three reasons that you agree with Simon or Henry III
    • A statement that will get everyone on your side


You MUST put time and effort into these tasks that have been set. DO NOT rush them. You are expected to complete ONE or TWO over the week so that means you will have a lot of time to really create something wonderful!


Miss Daglish and Mrs Banton