Year 3’s Pied Piper endings!

Well done to those who have written their own ending to the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Below are all of the entries I have received. I have been so impressed by the spelling and how they have tried to include previous learning, such as speech and adverbs.




Miss Ayrton’s Alternative Ending

The Pied Piper walked smugly back to the town to collect his reward from the Mayor. He trip trapped, trip trapped, trip trapped over the bridge and through the large oak town doors. Inside, the Mayor was waiting on the steep steps in front of the courthouse.

“As you can see, Mayor, I have fulfilled your request. There is not one single rat left in the town of Hamlin!” exclaimed the Pied Piper merrily.

The Mayor took one step towards the Pied Piper.

“Anyone could have done what you did if they had a flute! I don’t feel that you deserve to be paid,” explained the Mayor. “I refuse to hand over a single one of my coins, now leave this town at once!”

The Pied Piper held his anger in and felt it bubble in his chest.

“Fine, I will leave. I think it is a shame that you cannot appreciate my skill.  I will leave however I will take what is precious to you,” declared the Piper.

“NO! I will not let you take a single penny,” shouted the Mayor as he ran into the courthouse to protect his mountains of money. As the Mayor and his counsellors disappeared through the doors, the Pied Piper stared in horror as he realised the Mayor’s most prized possession was his money rather than the town’s children.

The Piper pulled out his flute for the second time that day and put it to his lips. With slow precision, he played the magical tune and to his delight, the children of the town slowly turned their heads towards him and began to glide across the town square.  With each note, more children followed until they were cascading out of the town towards the mountain behind the Pied Piper.


After months of searching for their children, the town’s people were distraught.  There had not been a peep from any children and their parents had given up hearing the familiar laughter of their sons and daughters. Little did the know… the children were going to be returning to fulfil the Pied Piper’s sinister plan.

It was a Saturday when the footsteps began to trickle along the pavements. Parents stopped their chores and went in search for the sound. Across the hills and running down the paths were the long, lost children! As families reunited, they embraced each other in teary hugs sharing words of love.

Each parent took their child into their home and set to work preparing meals for them as the children looked thin. Halfway through cutting, chopping and slicing screams could be heard around the town. A sudden chaos came over the town as rats started to reappear!

The parents looked around in horror to see their children slowly transforming into rat right before their eyes and scurry off in search for food.  Unfortunately, the children had returned but the Pied Piper sent them back, not as a reward, but a punishment. All of the town’s children scuttled around the town as a hoard of rats, eating and attacking everything in their path. Not a single child was left.