Year 3 Spring 2 Homework

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have changed our homework format slightly. The activities will now be more about spending time together as a family.  You may decide to take some photos of the activities you do and upload them onto the Google Classroom under the ‘Homework’ section or to stick the photos in their homework books. Other tasks can be brought into school as they are completed to share with the class.  All homework will need to be handed in by Monday 28th March 2022.  Pupils will still be expected to read daily and learn their weekly spellings.

Activity 1

Write an invitation card for a Monster Pizza party. You must include exciting adjectives to persuade a person to come to your party. E.g. delicious cake, colourful balloons etc.

Activity 2

Write a joke using speech marks for both parts.

Eg. “Knock Knock!”

“Who’s there?”


“Luke who?”

“Luke through the peephole and find out!”

Remember the rules of writing speech.

Activity 3

Draw or take an image of a skeleton and label all the common and scientific names of bones.

Activity 4

Make a healthy snack of your own choice using seasonal vegetables and fruits (fruit salad, smoothie, bake a vegetarian pizza, sandwich…) take pictures and send them to your teacher or glue them in your book. Don’t forget to write the recipe!

Activity 5

Be creative and create fruit animals like the ones from the example below.


Activity 6

Design  a pot and plant any seed of your choice in it. Take a photograph of it.

Activity 7

Take pictures of the same tree during 4 weeks and write down the differences you have noticed, glue the pictures in your homework book or send them to your teacher.

Activity 8

Write a diary over a weekend detailing what you did. Include timings from the 24hour clock and use adverbials of time (first, next, then, after, finally).

Activity 9

Record what you had for dinner one night. Label the parts of it using the food groups.

(protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, dairy, fat). Decide if it is a balanced meal or not. How could it change for better/ worse?


Activity 10

Go for a walk and take pictures of things you can hear (birds singing, ducks swimming…), you can see (grass, houses..), you can touch (a pet, a tree..), you can smell (flowers) or you can taste. Send these pictures to your teacher or print them and glue them in your homework book.

Children can also log into Education City and Purple Mash on a daily basis.