Year 3 Home Learning 8.06.2020

Happy Monday, Year 3!

I am now taking a class during the week however,  I will still be checking work throughout or at the end of the day so keep sending it in when it is convenient for you.



This week, we are going to look at the text Who Did Patrick’s Homework? By Carol Moore

As before, I have put the story on another post so please read this as your task for today. If you like, you can write a short summary about the plot.



This week, we are going to recap place value. It might help you to have a visual like this in your book to help you throughout the week:

What is Place Value? - [Definition, Facts & Example]

Today, I want you to partition these numbers into ones, tens, hundreds and, in some cases, thousands.

Eg.   138    =  100 + 30 + 8


126         721         938         357        661        298       3471       8930       6112           4261




Watch this video on the climate of a rainforest- the climate means what the weather and temperature is like.


Choose one of these rainforests and research what the weather is like for the week.

  1. The Congo (Kinshasa)
  2. Daintree (Queensland, Australia)
  3. Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia)

Make sure you include the hottest and coolest temperatures for each day and the weather symbol.

Here is an example using the Borneo Rainforest:


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton