Year 3 Home Learning 5.02.2021

Fabulous Friday, Year 3!

Thank you all for the wonderful pieces of work yesterday. You are all working so hard, keep it up!

The Zoom Meeting for Year 3 is at 9:30 am. Dear Parents, please check your emails and follow the same link given.

Here are your activities to complete at home today!


Please ask an adult to take your spelling test and email me your spelling test score and take a photograph of your spellings.

This week’s spellings are: 1. Invention     2. decoration    3. hesitation    4. location       5. consideration

6. education   7. preparation     8. injection     9. creation      10. action     11. relation    12. subtraction

13. adoration    14. admiration    15. question


LO: To develop reading for pleasure through discussion of favourite characters.

In this lesson, we will develop reading for pleasure through book recommendations and then discuss and describe the character traits of our favourite characters.

Follow the link:


Topic: Money

Complete the assessment and mark your questions.


Kindly look at the instructions for the PE task. Please ask your parents or a grown-up to take your photographs while doing PE at home.


Food, glorious food!
In this lesson, you will explore what a diet is and why it is so important. You will have a very special visitor who will teach you the benefits of eating the right foods and will be introduced to the Eatwell Plate. From this, you will have a better understanding of the different amounts of foods you should be eating. At the end of the lesson, you will write a letter persuading others to make healthier choices.

Keep in touch – remember that any work you have completed can be emailed to me to be marked. This can be typed work or a photo.

Stay safe and take care.

Have a lovely weekend!

Warm regards,

Mrs Kapoor