Year 3 Home Learning 31.03.2020

Good Morning, year 3!


I am hoping to post a page with your alternative endings for the Pied Piper tomorrow so please make sure you email me a copy as soon as you can.



One use for commas is to separate items in a list. The commas are placed in between the adjectives until the last one which has and before it.

E.g. I went to the shop and I bought apples, bread, orange juice, chocolate bars and teabags.

Write these sentences out and add the commas in the correct places.

  1. The Mayor’s council was made up of Mr Smith Mrs Shinkle  Sir Roberts  and Mr Biggs.
  2. The Pied Piper entered the town with three objects: a flute a hat and an empty wallet.
  3. A good musician always learns songs to chase away  rats  mice  spiders and snakes.
  4. At school the children would learn English Maths Reading Science History Art and Geography.
  5. The rich children were horrible: they threw rocks twigs and mud.

Now complete these sentences and add commas correctly

  1. If I were an explorer I would pack…
  2. When I go on holiday I take a suitcase full of ….
  3. When I go to the supermarket I will buy …..
  4. I went to the zoo and I saw…
  5. If I went down into the ocean in a submarine I would see…


Fun activity-  Create cut outs for the different types of punctuation to display in your room or play with. Give them faces and different expressions.  Here is an examples you could use:

Punctuation Free vector in Encapsulated PostScript eps ( .eps ...


Fill in the missing numbers in these sequences. To help you, work out the difference between each number.

Challenge 1

21, 32, 43, 54, __,__,__,__

102,112, 122, 132, 142, __,__,__,__

130, 230, 330, 430, 530,__,__,__,__

870, 860, 850, 840, 830,__,__,__,__

Challenge 2

630, 680, 730, 780,__,__,__,__,__


660, 590, 540,__,__,__,__,__

555, 530, 505, __,__,__,__,__

Challenge 3


4567, 4467, 4367, __,__,__,__,__

3080, 4080, 5080, __,__,__,__,__

125, 250, 375, __,__,__,__,__


Fun activity- Make a cake or biscuits using simple ingredients. Have a go at following the instructions independently measuring your ingredients using scales. Make sure you have an adult’s help when using the oven.



Investigate the effect of hand soap. Use the following instructions to conduct your experiment.  To record the evidence, take photos if you can or write up what you found out.

Why Soap Works Experiment Instructions



Bonjour!  Comment ca va?

Write out these questions and answers in French and fill in the answers based on you. Use mine to guide you.

Q: Comment vous appelez-vous?

A:  Je m’appelle Miss Ayrton.

Q: Où habitez-vous?

A:  J’habite a St Albans.

Q: Quel âge as-tu?

A: J’ai 29 ans   (I am 29 years old)


Until tomorrow, take care!

Miss Ayrton