Year 3 Home Learning 30.04.2020

Good morning, Year 3!

It is a shame the sun has disappeared on us but keep completing the brilliant work you are doing. I will be posting the top pieces from the week today so look out for your work!



As we know from last week, there are many different types of words within our sentences. Today we are going to look at three types of nouns:

Nouns- names of places, objects and things         e.g. teacher

Proper nouns- official names for people    e.g. Miss Moon

Pronouns- words we use instead of full names   e.g. She instead of Miss Ayrton


Here are your words to sort from our story this week:

Mr. Coyote         fur           he           Mr. Raven            she                we         Mr Snail     petals            eyes          they             them         tree        Mr Woodpecker        hole



Using the Roman Numerals 1-12, create your own clock. Start by finding something with a circle based which you can draw around then add the numerals by putting the numeral for 12 at the top then count around clockwise 1,2,3 etc until you get to the 12 again.

Use this clock face to help you with the positions but remember to put Roman Numerals instead of numbers.Free Blank Clock Face Printable, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...



As I am sure you remember, I love yoga!

Have a go at some yourself using the Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on Youtube.  Parents, be assured we use these in class so they are child friendly. Choose a theme that interests you, for example; Frozen yoga, Pokemon yoga, Mind craft yoga or Harry Potter yoga.

Here is the link to the Cosmic Kids Youtube page where you can explore the videos:

Tell me which video you did.



You now know a little more about Alfred the Great. Here is a chance to learn a little more about another historic King. Choose one of the other two Kings to create a poster/ fact file on.

Some websites I would recommend to use for this task are;





Here is a template for a fact file if you want to use it: Fact File Template

You can be as creative as you want with this task.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton