Year 3 Home Learning 29.04.2020

Happy Wednesday, Year 3!

Even a Little Exercise Might Make Us Happier - The New York Times


Change these sentences so they are in the present tense- remember the present tense means it is happening now. A clue is to look for the verb and change this either by adding a suffix or adding another verb such as is/are.

E.g. Mr Snail had rose petals for eyes = Mr Snail has rose petals for eyes.

  • Mr Coyote stole the Snail’s eyes.
  • The trees closed around Mr Coyote.
  • Mr Coyote put his body back together.
  • Mr Snail looked everywhere for his eyes.
  • Mr Raven wanted the eyes for himself.



Use this code to help you work out what is written on the rocks below.

The words are Latin so once you have worked out what each stone says, use the internet to find out what the phrase means in English.



Think about someone who you could do something kind for this week. While you are at home with your family, what could you do to help someone in your house?

E.g. helping to tidy up, showing manners, making something for someone, giving up your time on a game to spend talking or reading with a family member.

Now imagine you have taken a picture of your act of kindness. Draw your own picture of a phone and draw yourself and your act of kindness

Mobile phone outline with tools - Free Tools and utensils icons

Now you have drawn it write underneath why you have chosen to do that kind thing for that person. Also, how did they react?




Today’s task is to watch the video called “Not Again Farley!” which will help you to recap your previous learning on the French names for clothes.

Now have a go at matching the word to the picture. This task might be hard to show me via email so make sure you try and show an adult in your home the answers.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton