Year 3 Home Learning 27.03.2020

Happy Friday year 3,

I hope you have had an enjoyable week with a good balance of work and play.

Here are your last tasks for the week.


Write an alternative ending for the story of the Pied Piper. You can either start writing from after the Pied Piper gets rid of the rats or from the very beginning, whichever you would prefer.  I will also do this task and I will create a blog post with our versions on next week.

Example ending ideas:  the rats come back and eat the Mayor / the children escape from the mountain / the Pied Piper gives the children back.

Try to include a variety of conjunctions, speech with correct punctuation and adverbs to bring all of our learning this week together.


Fun activity- Use random items in your home to make the outline of a rat. Get creative- what could you use for the tail? whiskers?

Image result for rat


This will be our last lesson on fractions for a little while. Use your fraction wall to find equivalent fractions. Try to think of other examples.

e.g   1/2  = 2/4  = 3/6  = 4/8    etc


Fun activity- Choose three containers you can fill with liquid easily. Fill one of them half way with water then pour this water into the other containers one at a time. Where does the water come up on the other containers? It is less than half? more than half? Nearer to 1/4 of the container?



Create a pattern using two noises. This could be clapping your hands and whistling, playing an instrument and tapping your foot etc.

An example is:

clap clap clap click  clap clap clap click

when you are confident with that repetition try to add in something else:

clap clap clap click whistle whistle  clap clap clap click whistle whistle



A lot of you are getting parents and carers to send me work which is brilliant. Send me an email using their account (you might want to work with the adult to keep you safe online) to tell me about your day.

Have a lovely weekend and try to enjoy this sunshine where you can!

Miss Ayrton