Year 3 Home Learning 26.06.2020

Have a fabulous Friday, Year 3!



Choose the best fit adverbial of time to add to these sentences:

then                     next                      soon

  1. The mother frog will leave her eggs to grow ______________ they will start to hatch.
  2. The tadpole starts to age, _________ it will develop legs.
  3. Their heads become bigger _________ their eyes move to the side.
  4. Now the frog is fully grown ________ the cycle will start all over again.



Here is a pictogram showing how many hours children played on their computer games across a week. Pay attention to the key at the top!

Now use this data to answer these questions:

  • Who played games for the longest amount of time?
  • What is the difference in hours between the person who played the least and the person who played the most?
  • Who played the most? Dave, Laura and Delia, or Caleb, Jenni and Ali? (Combine the three totals to find out)
  • How many children spent less than 8 hours playing games?
  • What was the total number of hours played on computer games?


Fun Friday Activity