Year 3 Home Learning 25.03.2020

Happy Wednesday Year 3!

I hope some of you have been able to access the class blog and the online resources. If you are having issues please email me at



Recap your learning on direct speech and the rules of punctuation when writing dialogue. Write a conversation between the ‘thief dog’ and the Pied Piper at any point in the story. Here is an example. Pay attention to my use of commas and full stops. Try to use interesting reporting clauses (speech verbs).

“Why have you taken the children?” asked the thief dog.

“They were not safe in that town,” replied the Pied Piper sternly.

“Their parents will miss them! You have to take them back,” pleaded the thief dog.

“Only if the town has been cleaned,” the Pied Piper explained. “I will keep them if it is still dirty!”


Fun activity: Create your own Pied Piper outfit. Remember that pied means having two or more colours. Try to include a hat and a musical instrument you could use to lure the rats away from the town… it doesn’t have to be a flute.



Here is an NRICH maths activity on fractions.

What fraction will each person get? Record the object and the fraction next to it.

eg. 2/4  (1/2) of a sandwich

Then draw your own example for 3 people making sure you are able to make the feast fair. Be careful… 5 is not easy to split between 3 people, even if you cut food into smaller parts.


Fun activity: Learn Morse Code and use it to communicate with your siblings or parents through walls or the floor.



Based on your work from last lesson where you chose either an urban or rural setting and wrote a list of positives and negatives… think about whether it is better to live in a densely populated place or a sparsely populated place.

Which would you rather live in and why? Write a paragraph explaining your reasons.

Eg. Although diseases and illnesses pass quickly around urban places (because there are more people) I would rather live in a densely populated location because I can have quick access to more services and there are more people to help me… etc.



Think back to our learning on still life. Choose some interesting objects from your home and put them onto a flat surface. Draw the outlines of these then shade them by using the cross hatch technique to make them appear 3D. You can do this in black and white or colour if you have the equipment.


Keep it up and stay safe!

Miss Ayrton