Year 3 Home Learning 24.04.2020

Happy Friday!

Well done for finishing your first full week back after the Easter break. I hope you have managed to get a good balance of work and play in this lovely sunshine we have had.



This will be our last session on Atlas Holds On.

Answer these questions on the text, you might want to have access to it so you can refer back to help you with your answers.

  • Which planet did Altas speak to first?
  • Find and copy three adjectives used to describe Mars.
  • What did Atlas tell Pluto he was worried about?
  • Where did the birds take Atlas to?
  • Why do you think Atlas held on for so long?



Use this sheet to explore the number of letters in your name: My Name in Numbers

There are questions about doubling and halving on there for you to practise your learning this week. We will be looking at Roman Numerals next week so you can leave the related question if you are unsure.

To help you I have completed a few answers using my name Miss Ayrton.

Halve the number of letters in your name:   half of 10 = 5

Add the number of letters in your name together 4 times.   10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40

10  > 4           10  <  15



Here are the days of the week in French. Try to say them in order then tell a member of your family which day it is today in French. Listen to this song to help you with pronunciation…

lundi – Monday

mardi- Tuesday

mercredi- Wednesday

jeudi – Thursday

vendredi- Friday

samedi- Saturday

dimanche- Sunday

“aujourd’hui, c’est_____”
” Today it’s _______”



Our design and technology topic this half term is ‘structures’. As this topic will need equipment, I understand that this might not be easy for you to do in these circumstances. I therefore completely understand if you are unable to complete some or all of these tasks, however, try to have a go at building different structures out of items you have around your home. I will put a suggestion under the learning as an alternative if you are unable to complete the given task. 


Structure means a building or other object constructed from several parts. Some of them go against the rules of gravity or incorporate travel in them, for example; a bridge is a structure which allows people to travel over something below.

Create a marble run out of a cereal box to explore the role of gravity on this structure and have a go at creating your own standing structure!

Here are the instructions for you to use: Cereal-Box-Marble-Run

How to Make a Cereal Box Marble Run - YouTube

Alternative task: Create a den out of your bedding. Try to create a covered space for you to read a book in.


Have a lovely weekend,

take care and stay safe!

Miss Ayrton