Year 3 Home Learning 24.03.2020

Hello Year 3,

Another day, another bunch of tasks. I have been really impressed with what I have had sent to me.

If you are running out of reading materials there are short stories on purple mash in the ‘serial mash’ section or you can look at the selection on this website which we have used in class.


Continue from the activity we did in class when we ordered 6 parts of the Pied Piper story so far. Split a page of A4 into 6 boxes and use the following simple statements to order to rest of the story. Draw a picture for each part and write an interesting sentence with a conjunction to explain what is happening in each box.

The Mayor refused to pay the Pied Piper.

The Pied Piper offers to get rid of the rats for one gold coin

The Pied Piper took the children away to the mountains.

The rats drown in the river.

The Pied Piper plays his flute and the rats follow him.

The Pied Piper tells the Mayor he needs to clean the town.


Fun activity- Put your books, DVDs or games into alphabetical order.

If you have lots with the first letter remember to then look at the next letter.

eg. aarvark   ant



Create a fraction wall on a piece of paper then once it is complete cut it up and time yourself putting it back together. Try to put it back together in less than 1 minute.

I would recommend using a ruler or a flat surface to draw it so the parts are the same length.  If you can, there are templates online you can print off. To help you make it, I have saved a fraction wall task on Purple Mash. Split it upto tenths but you can get smaller if you would like. Image result for fraction wall

Fun activity-Look around your home and try to find as many 3D shapes as you can. Use this mat to help you recall which 3D shapes to look for.


Compare the benefits of living of in an urban or rural location. Choose either urban or rural and write a list of positives and negatives for living there. I have chosen urban and done an example for you.

Living in an urban place



+ Lots of local services

+ You can walk or cycle instead of having to drive everywhere


– It is expensive to buy a home there

– If you want to drive it can take you a long time because of the traffic



Create an exercise routine to complete which takes 15 minutes and has a range of leg,  stomach and arm exercises. Think about what will happen to your heart rate, pulse and breathing during your routine.

Here are some ideas to help you:

Examples for exercises