Year 3 Home Learning 23.06.2020

Good morning, Year 3!


Match the word which is closest to the meaning:

squatting = 

a) throwing              b) crouching                  c) skipping


grossly = 

a) horrible                b) large                            c) nice


obese = 

a) thin                       b) fat                                 c) round


complex =

a) easy                      b) house                            c) complicated



Fill in the tally chart for the number totals of each colour then add the data to the bar chart.



Last week, we looked at how important bees are. This week, we are going to learn about pollination- this is how we get more flowers and plants! Watch this information video then use the word bank to fill in the missing words from the sentences below.

  • The flower ____ bright colours and fragrant scents attract an insect.
  • The insect arrives on the flower to collect ____. This is a sweet liquid which makes perfect insect food.
  • As the insect is gathering nectar it rubs against the ____ which rub ____ onto the insect.
  • When the insect gets hungry again, it gets attracted to another flower’s bright ____ and fragrant ___.
  • As the insects feed on the nectar in this new flower, the ___ stuck to the insect from the first flower rubs off onto the female parts of the second flower (the___).
  • Part of the pollen travels down the style and then into the ___.
  • Tiny pieces of pollen joins onto an ___ in the ovary. The plant has now been fertilised.
  • The ovary of the flower turns into ___ which will then be ___ so than a new plant will be able to grow somewhere else.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton