Year 3 Home Learning 22.06.2020

Welcome to Monday, Year 3!


This week, our focus will be on a non-fiction explanation text. As you might guess from the name, it is a piece of writing which gives the reader information about a topic. It is very factual and only gives the reader facts not opinions. Our text topic is the life cycle of a frog as you might start to see more frogs out and about!

As usual, the text is on another post so take time to read it. After, look at the list of features and try to find them in the text. Where possible, write an example of each that you have found. There might not be examples of each so look carefully.


  • Title
  • Opening paragraph
  • Chronological order using time conjunctions
  • Stages of a process broken down
  • Technical vocabulary
  • Diagrams / drawings
  • Present tense
  • Final paragraph linking to the first



This week, we are going to refresh our memories on data handling and charts. Each day there will be a chart which you will need to complete by drawing it out and filling it in with the data. There is the additional challenge of creating your own version of the chart with data which you have collected but this is optional.

Today we are going to recap a tally chart. Look at the opinions below from people choosing their favourite free time activity. Put the data in the tally chart.


Think back to last lesson’s learning when we looked at the four layers of the rainforest. Each layer had different life within it. Here is a little reminder:

I want you to choose one of these layers to look closer at and research what life is like there. Choose one animal found in your chosen layer then use the template below to create an animal fact file. Remember, if you see anything online which you are unsure or worried about, share it with your adult.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton