Year 3 Home Learning 22.05.2020

Happy Friday, Year 3!


Next week is half term so I will not be setting any work. I want you to relax, enjoy the sun and spend time with your families doing fun activities. Next term, our theme will be jungles!

Being in Europe means a cheaper half term break


Write your own Saga based on the characters Thor and Loki. You can record this in a variety of ways:

-write a narrative with paragraphs, a range of punctuation and descriptive devices

-construct a comic

-film a puppet show

-write a dialogue (conversation) between two characters



Use your knowledge of addition, subtraction and the inverse (opposite) to play this game. Find the missing number to make a smoothie of up to 100!


Fun Friday Challenge

This week is Mental Health this week.  Mental health is all about your thinking and feeling.  How are you feeling during this time?  Do you have worries?  Are you feeling positive? Today we want you to try out some yoga.


Have a great half term…

take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton