Year 3 Home Learning 22.04.2020

Happy Wednesday,

Here are your tasks for the day, keep up the brilliant work. I will try to call all of you this week to touch base and find out how you all are. Feel free to ask me any questions about the work during this time or, as usual, email me.



Write up this conversation between Altas and Neptune using the correct punctuation and changing the reporting clauses (speech verbs) to more interesting responses.  This piece is missing capital letters, commas, inverted commas, apostrophes, question marks and full stops. Use the original story to help you with your speech punctuation. I have done the first one for you.

Planet Neptune: Facts About Its Orbit, Moons & Rings | Space

“Altas, keep going! I have faith in you,” cheered Neptune.


im not sure i can hold on for much longer   said atlas

something will come soon and save you so dont worry     said neptune

ok i will try but my hands are starting to ache  said altas

in that case i will go and see where your friends are to help you     said neptune



Use your knowledge of doubling and halving to work out what my number is. It might help you to record each part of the calculation instead of trying to track it all mentally.


Miss Moon’s number:

“I double 10, add 6 then halve the number I get. I then add double 3 to it. What is my number?”


Mrs Chowdhury’s number:

“I double 7 then double the total I get. I then add half of 8 to it. Finally, I take away 6. What is my number?”


Miss Ayrton’s number:

“I start by halving 30 then I add 10. I then add double 9 to it and take away 3 from the total I get. What is my number?”


Extension- write your own riddle for me to solve using addition, subtraction, doubling and halving.



Here are some key dates from the age of the Anglo-Saxons and the invasion of the Vikings. Look at the sheet with these events on and put them in order from the first event to the last. As these events occurred AD (Anno Domini) the numbers will ascend.

The first date is AD 787.

Click on this link to access the dates: Dates to order

You can either print this sheet then cut and order the dates or write out the dates in chronological order on a piece of paper.



It is really important to be aware of how you are feeling and what you are showing other people. Draw the outline of a person then write all of your feelings inside the body, for example; angry, tired, bored, upset, grateful.

Once you have done this, think about how you are acting… are you smiling to your family? Are you being kind? Are you crying more than normal? Around the body outline write what people might see if they look at you, for example; tired eyes, wild hair, smiley in the morning, wide eyed when I am walking to the park.

Reflect on how you are feeling and how you are behaving. Remember that the people around us can only see the outside of us, they can only understand what we feel inside if we tell them. Be open and honest with your family and friends during this difficult time. You Are Amazing - You Are Amazing Clipart Transparent PNG ...

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton