Year 3 Home Learning 19.11.2020

Good morning Year 3 ! Happy  Thursday ! 


Here are some activities that you can complete at home today:


Practise: Addition and Subtraction.

Please do daily 8-9 pages from the addition and subtraction workbook. After solving them, must recheck your answers.

Practise: Timetables

Practise booklet 1 timetables up to Day 1 and 2.

English Reading and Writing Task:

Please see the reading and writing link below for your work. You can print off and write on the sheet or on a separate piece of paper.



To explore what forces are and notice that some forces need contact between two objects.

Watch and understand the PowerPoint on Forces and Magnets.

Task: Choose any one worksheet to record your answers.

Please send emails of photos of your work for me to have a look at daily.


Warm regards,

Mrs Kapoor