Year 3 Home Learning 19.06.2020

Happy Friday, Year 3!



Today we are going to practise our inference skills. When we infer, we have a clever guess based on what we can see, often using our prior knowledge. Look at this picture from the music video. Draw these two columns in your book then fill them in.

For the first column, write down what we know based on the picture only. We can’t put down that we know her giraffe is missing as, at this point, we don’t know it is a giraffe. We can say she is holding a rope.

For the second column, this is where we use other skills. We could put down something has gone missing as we can see she is looking around and holding the rope, suggesting she is looking for something that was there.

What we know

What we can infer







Today your task is to complete a problem-solving task. For each of the problems below you can draw the number in the place value grid if it helps. Read the question carefully.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton