Year 3 Home Learning 19.05.2020

Happy Tuesday, Year 3!



Today we are going to learn a new saga: Thor and the Giants. This saga comes in three parts but we are only going to look at part one today so please refer to this link for the story:

Today’s task is to watch the story then make a prediction on what you think will happen next. Map out your prediction in boxes, writing sentences to explain each part of the action. Think about the journey Thor has gone on to Jotunheim and what he might do with the Giants.

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When we subtract, it helps to have the largest number on top of the column. In some cases we cannot take away a number without having to borrow from the column next door. This then changes the number into a teen number from which you can subtract.

Challenge 1:   26-13=      47-14=     33-11=       46-22=         59-35=      55-32=

Challenge 2:  73-28=       55-37=       61-28=      83-17=       80-42=     73-37=

Challenge 3: 242- 75=     372-93=     551- 69=    444- 56=    472- 84=       515-77=


Use this video to help refresh your memory if you need:



Use the Viking runes to decode these Viking God and Goddess names.



Here are the months of the year in French.

The phonetic pronunciation will help you say the word but there is also this video:

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton