Year 3 Home Learning 19.03.2020

Hello Year 3,

Here are your tasks for the day. If you created a fable fort yesterday I would love to read your fables. You can type these up and email them to me.

English:  Watch this video of the Pied Piper (which is slightly different to the version we have read) and answer the following questions.

Image result for the pied piper

There are two challenges: challenge 1 needs full sentences or one/ two word answers whereas challenge 2 needs longer explanations with conjunctions (because, however, therefore).

Challenge 1

  1. How might the boy feel about arriving in Hamlin away from the rats?
  2. Why do the rich children respond to the ‘thief dogs’?
  3. Do you think the Pied Piper is right for taking the children? Why?
  4. How do you think the children feel when they are following the Pied Piper?
  5. What might happen at the end?

Challenge 2

  1. How might the boy feel about arriving in Hamlin away from the rats?
  2. Why do the rich children throw stones at the ‘thief dogs’?
  3. Explain how the Mayor takes the situation for granted.
  4. Is the Pied Piper justified for taking the children?

Maths:  Watch this video on bus stop method for division. We touched upon this last week.

Solve the following calculations using bus stop method.

Challenge 1  (no carrying)

33 ÷ 3 =       28 ÷ 2 =      63 ÷ 3=     24÷2=      55÷5=     62÷2=    69÷3=

Challenge 2 (no reminders but you have to carry)

65÷5 =      72÷ 3 =    85÷5=    72÷4=     81÷3=     64÷4=       96÷4=

Challenge 3 (with remainders)

88 ÷ 3=       49÷4=       136÷ 6=      352÷ 3 =      282÷ 5=     277÷ 6=        527÷ 3=

Geography:  Research where you live. Is it a hamlet/ village/ town or city?  See if you can find out the population density and what services you have near you.

For example – I live in St Albans which is a town. I found out it has a dense population compared to other towns as it has a lot of flats and small streets with lots of houses. However, compared to Watford it is sparsely populated.  I have lots of services near me:  supermarket, doctors, fire station, schools, restaurants, dentist, petrol station and many more!


Science:  Draw around your hand on a piece of paper. Feel along each finger and try to draw each bone and joint. Compare this with the picture below to see how many you were able to feel. How many bones are there in one human hand?

Image result for hand bones


Keep Safe and remember to get in touch with me via email.


Miss Ayrton