Year 3 Home Learning 18.11.2020

 Good Morning, Year 3!


Dear children,

This is just the second day and I am already missing you all. Again, it is my earnest request to you all that you must complete all your home learning tasks set up by your teacher; otherwise, you will find lots of gaps in your learning.

Dear parents/carers kindly support your child’s learning and if he/ she needs help, email me and I will definitely assist him/ her to complete home learning tasks.



Practise: Addition and Subtraction

Please do daily 5-7 pages from the addition and subtraction workbook. After solving them, must recheck your answers.

English – Reading and Writing Task:

Please see the reading and writing link below for your work. You can print off and write on the sheet or on a separate piece of paper.

Science:   What is a force?


Watch the video above about forces.



Please send emails of photos of your work for me to have a look at daily.


Warm regards,

Mrs Kapoor