Year 3 Home Learning 18.05.2020

Welcome to our last week of the term, Year 3!


This week we are going to be looking at the Viking Sagas. You might be familiar with the characters of Thor, Odin and Loki… well these originated in Viking stories. Today I want you to look at this webite and watch the first Saga: Odin creates the world.

Once you have watched the clip and read the information, I want you to write a character description about Loki or Odin. Use this success criteria to help you.

Success Criteria:

-Describe how they look

-What are their character traits? (are they mean, kind, evil, helpful, honest etc,)

-Use adverbs to describe their actions (… he inquisitively spoke to Odin)



This week, we are going to recap column method for addition and subtraction. We will remind ourselves about carrying and borrowing. The alignment of your columns is really important so if you have squared paper, put one number in each box and add HTU to the top so you get the numbers in the correct places. This will help if you have to borrow and carry.

Here are your challenges, write the calculations in column method.

Challenge 1:   12+5=       13+8=      17+6=      14+9=      15+7=      18+8=


Challenge 2:  37 + 12 =      42+26=     33+28=       48+23=       58+5=        66+19=


Challenge 3:  132+ 177=       281+ 233=        387+404=       623+517=

436+ 297=      272+388=


If you need a refresher use this link to help you:



Anglo Saxons and Vikings wrote using symbols known as runes.


Use these runes to write your full name.



There are three main kinds of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. They are all formed in different ways.

Listen to this ‘rock’ rap to find out how they are formed then draw a diagram for each rock type and write a caption about how they are formed.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton