Year 3 Home Learning 18.03.2020

Hello Year 3,

Each day that you are off school, I will set a piece of English and Maths work for you. This is to go alongside the work which we sent home in your packs along with some writing materials. If you record your learning in these books then I can mark them when we are back at school.



create arrays and record the 4 fact families for the following calculations:

2×6    3×6     4×6     5×6     6×6     7×6     8×6     9×6

2×8    3×8     4×8    5×8    6×8     7×8    8×8   9×8

eg .   Image result for array 3 x 4      3 x 4 = 12        4 x 3 = 12

12 divide by 3 = 4     12 divide by 4 = 3

Fun task:  if you have stairs in your home then walk up and down them by counting in 3s, 4s, 6s, 100s and 50s.


Recap your learning about the correct use of the verb form “to be” in the context “was” and “were”.

Write me 3 examples of each.    eg. I was getting bored with watching tele. We were going to go for a walk.

Fun task: create a fable fort out of bed sheets and chairs. Create fables and tell them to your family in the evening. I have attached some information on fables to help you come up with some morals at the end.–ks2-aesops-fables-index/z73s6v4


Remember to email me if you want anything further or if you have any questions about the work. I can also mark work you send me either typed up or a photo of it. As our computing lessons are based around email it would be great if you could ask an adult to help you send me an email which I can reply to.

Stay Safe!

Miss Ayrton