Year 3 Home Learning 17.06.2020

Welcome to Wednesday, Year 3!


Punctuate this piece of dialogue with inverted commas around the direct speech. As an extra challenge, up level the reporting clauses from ‘said’.


Excuse me, have you seen my giraffe?   said Libby.

No   replied the neighbour.  I haven’t, sorry.

Ok, well can you take a poster to remind you?   Said Libby

Of course,   said the neighbour.   I will put it on my fridge so my family can see.

Thank you so much!   said Libby.



Estimating is when we have a clever guess at something. Today’s task is to place the number on the number line between 0-1000. Use markers such as halfway points and where various 100s would go to estimate where the target number would go.



We have leant about being resilient and ready to learn. These are stepping stones to having a positive and growth mindset. But what should you do on those days we feel down? Well, reciting positive affirmations can help.

Using the cap outline below, design a cap with colourful messages about positive thinking. You can use words, symbols and illustrations. Here are some helpful words and phrases.

Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton