Year 3 Home Learning 15.06.2020

Happy Monday Year 3!



This week, we will be trying something different and basing our work on this music video:

Once you have watch the video, sequence these 5 parts of the plot.

  • Libby puts up posters on trees.
  • Libby finds her pet’s rope empty.
  • She finds the giraffe!
  • Libby goes to look in the park.
  • Libby knocks on doors.



We are going to continue our work on number. Today we are going to look at finding 100 more and 100 less. Remember to look at each of the values to see whether two columns will change by going up or down.

For each number, write 100 more and 100 less:

Challenge 1:       142          213           392            148             230

Challenge 2:       903           732          1,042           1,172        2,931

Challenge 3:       10,000            18,902            23,111         79,912       30,018



Within the rain forest, there are many different layers to it (just like soil and rocks we learnt about last term). Here is a video which will give you some more information about the 4 main parts and how they differ.

Using the information, draw a picture of the rainforest layers, labelling each part with its name and writing a short description for each.  As an extra challenge, try to include one type of animal/ bird/ insect found on each layer.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton