Year 3 Home Learning 15.05.2020

Happy Friday, year 3!

Next week will be our last week of the term so I will continue to put up work Mon-Fri then you will have a week break.


Prepositions give us the position of something in relation to something else. eg. If I was to say put your chairs on your tables, you would know this was very different to me saying put your chairs under your tables. Today I would like you to circle the prepositions in these sentences. You can write a list of the prepositions I have used if this is easier… be careful as some sentences have more than one.

  1. The bird flew over the hill.
  2. A solider looked up and saw the bird sitting in the tree.
  3. There were blue trees next to each other, leaning against a blue fence.
  4. A little boy opened the window during the night to see the colour change.
  5. Someone let the bird fly out of the cage to be free.
  6. The bird flew around the room.



When measures get over 100cm we can start using meters which is shown using the letter m.

1m = 100cm

If I had 130cm this would be the same as having 1meter and 30 centimetres.

Write these cm measurements out converting them to meters and centimetres.


Eg.  250cm = 2m 50cm

290cm =

140cm =

320cm =

610cm =

770cm =

850cm =


Fun Friday Challenge

For our Friday Fun challenge today we want you to create some family portraits.  You can draw, colour, sculpt or paint.


Family Time Quiz

Here is a Disney Quiz to do as a family.  We will post the answers on Monday!  No googling!  Send your pictures and answers to me.

1 – The villain, Gaston, appears in which 1991 Disney film? 

2 – What animated Disney film does the song ‘You’ll be in my Heart’ feature? 

3 – What does Remy the Rat in Ratatouille dream of becoming? 
4 – In ‘The Good Dinosaur’ what causes Arlo and Spot to hallucinate?

5 – What is the name of Lightning Mcqueen’s pick-up truck friend in Cars?
6 – What animal does Queen Elinor turn into after eating Merida’s cake in Brave? 

7 – Who is the only Disney Princess inspired by an actual person?

8 – What does DCOM stand for?

9 – In Holes, what is Stanley Yelnats’ nickname given to him by the other members of the camp? 

10 – What actor voices Randall in Monsters inc. ? 

11 – What is the pin badge that Ellie gives to Carl in Up? 

12 – Finish the sentence : ‘Gentlemen, m’lady, you will always remember this as the day that you almost ….’ 

13 – What is the name of the Pizza place in Toy Story? 

14 – What were Mickey Mouse’s first spoken words? 

15 – What animal was Robin Hood?

16 – What are fish according to the Sharks in Finding Nemo? 

17 – What actor plays Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks?

18 – Winifred, Sarah and Mary are the names of the witches from which 1993 Disney Halloween film?

19 – What is the name of Jasmine’s pet tiger in Aladdin? 

20 – In The Jungle Book, who teaches Mowgli about the The Bare Necessities of Life? 

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Have a great weekend, take care and stay safe

Miss Ayrton