Year 3 Home Learning 14.05.2020

Good Morning year 3,

I usually post work today from the pieces I receive, however, this week I haven’t received enough so I will post work from this week on next week’s post.


Add ‘an’ or ‘a’ to these nouns in the ___ parts of each sentence:

  1. Nikki looked out ___ window and saw ___ Blue Jay.
  2. It was ___ amazing sight to see ___ tree had turned orange.
  3. Mr Salinski walked over to ___owl’s nest and saw it had ___ collection of purple eggs inside.
  4. The town’s people had ____ huge surprise when they stepped out and saw ___ elephant sitting on their blue lawn.
  5. The Blue Jay sat in ____ cage and sang ___ beautiful song.



Here are some aliens with different heights- their heights are in cm. Use the information about the aliens to answer the following questions.

Remember that the ‘difference’ means the amount between them. For example; if Azobi is 29cm and Crooji is 40cm there is a difference of 11cm between them because 40-29= 11.

  1. Add the height of Exacta, Crooji and Druba together.
  2. Who is the tallest?
  3. Who is the shortest?
  4. What is the difference between the shortest and tallest alien?
  5. Add the height of Stillis, Tinius and Awiba.
  6. What is the difference between Pinkata and Quistin?



As part of our RE is looking at Islam, today I would like you to read the information below about the month of Ramadan and the traditions which are associated with this special time.

If you have a printer, complete some mindful colouring around Ramadan using these sheets: Ramadan Colouring pages



The Anglo-Saxons had very different punishments for crimes compared to our legal system now. They were a lot more brutal and didn’t have prisons to send criminals as we do now. Here are some of the punishments which existed during Anglo-Saxon Britain:

Gross and gory… right?

Well, today’s task is for you to imagine you are in Anglo-Saxon Britain, below are some crimes which you need to give a punishment for from the list above.

  1. A man stole a sheep from another man’s farm.
  2. A woman set fire to a church.
  3. A child teased a neighbour then ran off.
  4. A woman was chanting a spell to curse a neighbour.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton