Year 3 Home Learning 12.06.2020

Happy Friday, Year 3!


I want you to put yourself in the place of Patrick… imagine you had an elf to help you with one task for a week, what would it be? Write about it using the conjunctions   ‘ because’    ‘then’     ‘so’.

Here is my example:

I would like an elf to do the washing up for me because I am always too tired to do it after dinner.

If the elf did it then I could sit and relax.

I would make sure the elf was happy so he would stay the whole week.



Fill in the missing numbers. Use your knowledge of place value to find 10 more and 10 less.


Fun Friday Challenge

Your task this week is to make a bird feeder or an insect home. Here are some examples to help you:

Simple Bug Hotel for Kids - Red Ted Art - Make crafting with kids ...  14 Easy DIY Winter Bird Feeders — The Family Handyman


Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe!

Miss Ayrton