Year 3 Home Learning 11.06.2020

Good morning, Year 3!



Verbs are action / doing words which often have a suffix added to them to show which tense they are.

Eg.   hug (present)     hugged  (past)

Sort these verbs based on the story into these groups:






worked         listens           writes         arrived       told           throw       wrinkled            grimaced         squeaks        scowled        handed        gives          takes         brought        carried        leaves



When ordering numbers by their size, look at each value of the digit starting with the largest. If more than one number has the same number of hundreds, then look to the tens column and compare. Repeat this until you have ordered the numbers.

Order these numbers in this ladder from smallest to largest. Then add another example at either end of the ladder.



Different foods have different nutritional value. Previously in our science lessons, we have sorted healthy and unhealthy foods as well as looking a grouping food into groups such as protein, fat and carbohydrates. As part of our cooking and nutrition topic for DT, I want us to look at the types of vitamins we get from different foods.

Read this information sheet then use it to match up the vitamin and food here: Vitamins Information


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton