Year 3 Home Learning 11.05.2020

Welcome to a new week, year 3!

We are now over half way through the term and you have all been working so hard, keep it up!



This week, we will be looking at the text It Could Happen by Carol Moore. Like before, I have put the text onto a separate post for you to read and refer back to during the week. Today’s task is to read the story. If there are any words you are unsure about then write them down and research them.



This week we are going to recap your previous learning on measuring. You will need a ruler for the week. If you don’t have one then it might be worth working through the maths tasks on Purplemash. There will be days this week when you won’t need one so do still check back.

Today we are going to practise looking at cm by simply getting to grips with our ruler again. When drawing a straight line to fit a measurement you will need to start at 0 then draw up to the number specified. As you can see from this picture, not all rulers actually have 0 written on them so you would use the first line on the ruler.

4 Ways to Use a Ruler - wikiHow

This cuboid would be 7cm long.

Using your ruler, draw lines for these measurements. You might want to turn your page so it is landscape instead of portrait.

  1. 6cm
  2. 11cm
  3. 17cm
  4. 22cm
  5. 15cm
  6. 3cm



One of the reasons we have so much understanding about fossils and how many of them were originally found was because of Mary Anning-  she was an English fossil collector, dealer, and palaeontologist (someone who studies fossils).

Mary Anning - Wikipedia

Watch these videos about her life:

You might want to make some notes to use in tomorrow’s lesson.



When the Vikings built up settlements after their attacks, they created longhouses. Similar to their boats, these houses were long and narrow.

Watch this video to see a reconstruction building which will show you the structure inside and out, then list a few ways it was made.

Your task for this lesson is to draw a diagram of a Viking longhouse and label different parts. Try to research what other materials were used but refer back to the video.

If you have a printer, have a go at arranging the longhouse for the Viking: Cut Outs


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton