Year 3 Home Learning 11.02 021

Good morning, Year 3!

It was so lovely to see all the fantastic work you have been doing at home! Please continue sending it in as I love to see it.

All of your work for today has been set for you on Google Classroom.

If you are still not sure about how to log in, find the work set or how to hand in your work on Google Classroom, watch this video to help you:

You have a task to complete for Spellings, Reading, Maths, English and Art. There is also a link to a website I  would like you to use this week to complete some reading each day, rather than listening to an extract of a book.

If you are having any difficulties accessing Google Classroom, please do email me and let me know as I will stop posting the daily schedule on the school website at the end of this week as all of our work is now being set on Google Classroom.

Some devices are asking for a class code, remember to ensure you are signed in under your school email account and not your personal email.        Class code: 2cpkqo7

Remember to keep yourself active throughout the day and take some well-deserved brain breaks!

See below for the tasks I would like your child to complete today:


This week’s spellings are: 1. division    2. invasion      3. decision      4. vision      5. television
6. erosion        7. conclusion       8. confusion         9. fusion            10. explosion        11. collision
12. revision    13. persuasion     14. intrusion        15. tension


Log in to Purple Mash and read chapter 7. Remember to look at the underlined words as you read the text. These are words you may be unfamiliar with and if you hover over the word, it will tell you its meaning.

Writing: Monster Pizza- Instructions

Lesson 4: To devise ingredients for our monster pizza

In this lesson, you will look at the ingredients of a pizza and generate ideas for what types of ingredients a monster would use to make their pizza. Follow the link below to access the lesson.


Topic: Statistics

Day 4: Interpret pictogram (this is a recap of yesterday’s learning).

Follow the link below and complete the worksheet.


Today, you are going to make an Egyptian necklace.

Class Reader:

I would like you to use this website to do some reading this week.

When you log on, you will need to enter the code for Year 3.I hope you enjoy it!


Keep in touch – remember that any work you have completed can be emailed to me to be marked. This can be typed work or a photo.

Stay safe and take care.

Warm regards,

Mrs Kapoor