Year 3 Home Learning 10.07.2020

Good Morning, Year 3!



Here is a paragraph with some information about gargoyles, taken from an information pack.

Gargoyles can be tricky creatures. They play tricks on their owners, make lots of mess and enjoy causing havoc wherever they go. If you have more than one gargoyle then they will often work together to stir up trouble. Each gargoyle has a unique ability: some are wonderful painters; some are incredibly fast at running around; some can sing loudly. There is no way to tame your gargoyle however, being nice to it might make a gargoyle listen to an instruction from its owner once or twice.

Which sub-heading is the best fit for this paragraph?

A:  Gargoyle behaviour

B: How to tame a gargoyle

C: Gargoyle’s diet



Well done for all of your hard work on reading scales this week. Today, I want you to use some problems solving skills and answer these two questions.

  • Sarah’s 1L bucket has a hole in it. She needs exactly 1L to water the plants. She has a 250ml measuring jug. How can she use this? 
  • True or false? The taller a container is, the more liquid there is. Explain why you agree or disagree.


Take care and stay safe!