Year 3 Home Learning 1.07.2020

Good Morning, Year 3!



Group the following words into the correct categories. Hint- there should be 5 words in each group.

The categories are:   verbs / adverbs / conjunctions / prepositions


in     wish     carefully       wait       so        slowly      up      stare     fast      and

because      clumsily     pick     under      through     panic     but      cautiously  

over     if



Once we have learnt our 4 times table, it makes it easier to learn our 8x table. We simply double

Eg. 3 x 4 = 12       3 x 8 = 24     (double 12 is 24)

5 x 4 = 20       5 x 8 = 40    (double 20 is 40)

Use your knowledge of the 4 times table to fill in the 8x table wheels… unless you can already recall your 8 times table.


One way to look at our emotions is by matching them to weather. If I was feeling miserable, I might compare this to a rainy day or if I was feeling confused by something, I might imagine a hurricane sweeping through my brain. Think of a weather symbol you feel best matches these emotions. Draw the weather symbol next to each emotion and where there might not be a symbol, get creative and make one up.


Take care and stay safe!