Year 3 Home Learning 08.07.2020

Good Morning, Year 3!



The instructions for how to grow a gargoyle are quick short and simple. Uplevel these by adding interesting adjectives (describing words) or adverbs (words which end in -ly and describe a verb).

Here are the original instructions to help you:

  1. Put each gargoyle in a large bowl of water. (Don’t put them in the same bowl; the gargoyles need space to grow.)
  2. Wait overnight and they will have grown more than twice their size.
  3. Dry them off with a towel.


My example is

  1. Carefully lift them out of the bowl and dry them with a soft, clean towel.



Today we are looking at liquid measurements in millilitres (ml). Write the measurements on each scale identified on the jugs.



Our final place of worship which we will be looking at belongs to the Sikh faith. Sikhs visit their special place, a Gurdwara, where they worship. Here are some items found in the Gurdwara:

Use this information and other facts/ pictures you can find on the internet to create a poster explaining what a Gurdwara looks like and what important features it has there.


Take care and stay safe!