Year 3 Home Learning 06.07.2020

Good Morning, Year 3!

This will be the last week you will get home learning of this kind. Next week will be the last one of the school year so we will look at transitioning into year 4 and saying goodbye to year 3.



Today, read the text posted on the other post. Draw one scene/ picture from the story and write a caption to explain what is happening.



This week, we will be looking at reading scales. Scales can often be found when we are measuring something eg. a liquid or weight. Depending on what we are measuring, the numbers on the scale will be different. Each day I will put a scale for you to read but pay close attention to what unit we are measuring in.

Today we are looking at weight in grams (g).  Read these scales and record the amounts where the arrows are. To work out what the amounts are, work out what the scale is counting in by using the numbers you can see.



Most rainforests sit around the Earth’s equator as the climate is hotter on this part of the world. Here is a map of the temperatures around the equator… you can see the areas which are blue are cooler whereas the orange and red parts of hot.

SVS: Sea Surface Temperature, Salinity and Density

Today, watch this video then write a list of 4 countries furthest from and 4 countries nearest to the equator.

Take care and stay safe!