Year 3 Home Learning 05.06.2020

Happy Friday, Year 3!



To finish off our learning on acrostic poems, I want you to choose any animal and write a more detailed and descriptive poem about it. Each line should have some interesting description or action, also try to use descriptive devices such as similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration.

Here is my example:

Tantalising toucan sitting in a tree

Outstandingly smooth feathers

Up in the sky, flying high

Colourful, cunning and cute

African landscape as its home

Nose brighter than the sun

Toco Toucan - eBird



For this sessions, I want you to have a go at creating some 3D shapes. You will need something like bluetac / play dough or marshmallows and some small sticks. Using your list of properties you did earlier on in the week, create the 3D shapes. Here is an example of a cube:


As you will need some resources for this, I understand if this task is not possible for you.


Fun Friday Challenge

Today is World Environmental Day which aims to raise awareness on the effects of deforestation, food production and being more eco-friendly. Your task today is to research ‘Fair Trade’ products and create a poster to showcase which big companies are trying to care for our rain forests, as well as some information to raise awareness.

Here are some websites you can look at:

Choose Fairtrade-certified products | Sustain    Mars launches Fairtrade certified Malteasers in UK


Have a lovely weekend, take care and stay safe!

Miss Ayrton