Year 3 Home Learning 05.05.2020

Good morning, year 3!

I have enjoyed being in school but I am missing you all terribly.



Continue these sentences by using the conjunction correctly. Remember, a conjunction joins two clauses together.

  • Tony wanted to play with dad but____
  • They pulled up in the car when _____
  • Tony saw some photos so____
  • Tony and Grandpa put on their helmets and ____
  • They screamed because____
  • Tony wouldn’t be sad if ____



There are 60 seconds in 1 minute. There are also 60 minutes in 1 hour. As well as showing the hour using the smaller hour hand, we also look at the time in 5 minute intervals using the larger minute hand.

You might have heard people say things such as:

“… in 5 minutes”       “…10 minutes later”      “… it is 20 past”        “…it is 10 to”

Look at these analogue clock faces and follow this success criteria to help you identify the times shown.

Success Criteria

-Look at the long minute hand

-if it is between 12 and 6 you will use ‘past’ /  if it is between 6 and 12 you will use ‘to’.

-Record the first part of the time.

-Look at the hour hand

-Record the hour (remember, if it is a ‘past’ time you will use the hour the hand has just past BUT if it is a ‘to’ time you will use the next hour.


Half past 9                                                 5 minutes to 12


With this unusual and daunting situation we find ourselves in it is easy to get into a bit of a negative mindset where we are bored, frustrated or upset. I want you to focus on the positives and list three things/ people you are grateful for.

My examples are:

  1. I am grateful for the NHS staff keeping people safe and working hard.
  2. I am grateful for those of you who are sending in work and sharing your learning with me.
  3. I am grateful for my family talking to me everyday on zoom which means I can still see my nephew, Jude.



Design your own figurehead for a Viking longship! Vikings would carve the front of their longships to frighten the land which they were invading. They usually carved snakes or dragons as these were thought of as strong, scary creatures. You can choose any animal you like and you can add some colour to it but you must explain to me why you chose that animal.

Dragon Figurehead on the 'Hugin' | Figurehead from the repli… | Flickr Viking figurehead | The figurehead of the replica longship G… | Flickr Ship figureheads | Vikings, Viking age