Year 3 Home Learning 04.06.2020

Good morning, Year 3!



Using your adjectives from yesterday, carefully choose the best fitting ones to create a short acrostic poem based on the animal of your choice. If you are missing words for a particular letter, look back at your words and see if there are any synonyms for these words which would work. Remember, for this poem we are only using one or two adjectives per line.

Here is my example for a sloth:





HairySloths are far more adaptable than we realised


Use your understanding of 3D shapes to answer these reasoning questions

Fun activity- if you have a printer, try to build 3D shapes using these animal-themed nets  Animal Shape Nets



This term, we will look at special places within different religions. This week, we are starting with Christianity.

Research these 6 special Christian places, draw a small diagram and write down why they are special.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton