Year 3 Home Learning 03.06.2020

Welcome to Wednesday, Year 3!



Today we are going to plan writing our acrostic poem. We will write two types: one version with only one adjective on each line (like the cat poem from yesterday); the other one will have longer descriptive sentences on each line (like rain forest poem from Monday).

Your task is to choose one of these jungle animals and write down as many adjectives as you can. Don’t worry if they don’t match the letters yet, just get all of your ideas on the page.

Why are sloths slow? And six other sloth facts | Stories | WWF  Kostenloses Foto zum Thema: amur-tiger, dschungel, fleischfresser Elephant | Species | WWF

                                     Sloth (my favourite)                          tiger                                        elephant



Experiment with grouping 3D shapes based on their properties by playing this game:

Choose one or two criteria to group the shapes into. Remember, with a Venn diagram the middle section means the shape applies to both statements.



There are a large number of countries which have rain forests in. Here is a map of the whole with the countries listed on the side. Try to label each of the countries using the first letter clue. If you are stuck, get a whole map to help you.



Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton