Year 3 Home Learning 02.07.2020

Good Morning, Year 3!



Punctuate these sentences based on the story using correct punctuation we have learnt this year.

  1. hopefully the man threw the coin into the fountain and waited
  2. oh no said the elf
  3. the man s wish came true  he found some money in the street
  4. will my wish come true
  5. slowly the man and the woman walked away from the magnificent magical fountain
  6. how can I get these coins unstuck    thought the elf



We have previously recapped that the inverse (opposite) of multiplication is division. Use your knowledge of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables to fill in these inverse triangles. You need to input the correct number so the calculation works both ways.



Today’s lesson is a video on how to draw a leopard print. Watch the video and give it a go… you will need a black marker pen, a piece of plane paper.

If you want to challenge yourself, try adding another colour to your leopard print like these examples.

Leopard print stock illustration. Illustration of colorful - 82773774Seamless gold leopard print color trend palette Vector Image


Take care and stay safe!