Year 3 Home Learning 02.06.2020

Good morning, year 3!



Compare these two acrostic poems and write a summary of what you liked/ disliked about them then tell me which one you preferred and why.

Number 1:

Acrostic Poem Examples

Number 2:

Optional Home Learning Task - Ottery St Mary Primary School



Here are the names of the most common 3D shapes. When we talk about the properties of a shape we are looking at how many faces, edges and vertices it has. Here are the properties of a cube…

(If we are talking about just 1 corner it is called a vertex… when we have more than one they become vertices)

Try to find objects which match these shapes below around your home and write down the properties for each. You should be listing how many faces, vertices and edges it has just like the example above.

What Is A Cuboid | Cuboid Shape | DK Find Out  What Is A Cylinder | Cylinder Shape | DK Find Out         What Is A Sphere | Sphere Shape | DK Find Out       Spinning Cone

cuboid                        cylinder                        sphere                      cone



Today’s task is a 60 second reading comprehension task. Time yourself an see if you can read the 118 words in 60 seconds. Then read through the text again, slower, taking in the information and use it to answer the questions below.



  1. What are the two priorities of jungle survival?
  2. Find and copy a phrase which the author uses to show that the jungle can be deadly.
  3. Why do you think the guide advises to build a shelter “before darkness falls”?
  4. Sum up the key points of the text in 15 words or less.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Ayrton