Year 3 Home Learning 02.04.2020

Good Morning Year 3!

Below are your tasks for the day. If there are any other activities you are doing feel free to share these with me too. Remember to post messages to your friends on our Purple Mash blog page.



A verb is a doing word; an action. When we talk about the past we use the simple past tense.

There are four different ways to change verbs into the past tense correctly.

  1. Most verbs +ed

e.g. brush — brushed

  1. Verbs ending in e +d

e.g. move — moved

  1. Verbs ending in a vowel and a consonant      double the consonant +e

e.g. hug — hugged

  1. Verbs ending in y change y to I +ed

e.g. hurry — hurried

Using the rules above can you write the past tense of these verbs?

Wash ——                       Fry ——                       Bake —–                     Smash ——–

Carry ——–                   Grab ———                Marry ——–              Shove ———

Pop  ——–                      Cry ———


Fun activity- Write an alliterative word string based on these Pied Piper characters:




Pied Piper-

e.g  The rugged rats ran really quickly right down to the raging road.



How many different ways can you create these numbers? Try to use 4 examples of addition, 4 examples of subtraction, 3 examples of multiplication and 3 examples of division. This means you should have a minimum of 14 calculations per number.

       24                                 60                                  150

Fun activity- Create your own clock to make times on using this template:

Clock Template

You will need card or paper, scissors and a split pin or something to allow the hands to move.



As a way to connect with our community and show our appreciation, we are asking you to make a card or write a letter to say thank you for the staff at the NHS. We are looking to drop these cards/ letters into both Watford General Hospital and Barnet General so if you would like to contribute something to this then please either leave your finished card/ letter at the School Office or send it to the school in the post. The address is:

Parkside Community School

Aycliffe Road





Try this biscuit dunking challenge… take photos or write up what you found. You could order your biscuits based on their dunking ability.

Dunking Biscuit challenge


Keep safe and take care!

Miss Ayrton