Year 3 Home Learning 01.04.2020

Happy April Fools day!


What did the big flower say to the little flower?

Hi, bud!



From looking at your amazing writing I have noticed we need to revise our use of contractions. When we contract verbs we change the spelling and introduce an apostrophe.

E.g. cannot —- cant                                    will not —– wont

Write the contracted form and add an apostrophe.

  1. I am —-
  2. We are —-
  3. They are —-
  4. Did not —-
  5. Has not —-
  6. Are not —-
  7. Is not —-
  8. He will —-
  9. She will —-
  10. It is —-

Write a sentence about the ‘thief dog’ using a contraction.

eg.  The thief dog hasn’t had any food for 2 days.


Fun activity- Play ‘eye spy with my little eye…’ but use the sound of the first letter instead of the name.

eg. instead of saying T (Tee) I would say the phonetic sound it makes.



Use this grid and fill in the answers based on the following numbers

Challenge 1

65     89      51      42       77         94        30

Challenge 2

104      220       199      263      379      291       380

Challenge 3

1301      2699     2736      5510     3208    3091    6210


Fun activity- Order your family members or toys in height order starting with the shortest. Measure the shortest and tallest members then work out the difference between them.

E.g   shortest 88cm      tallest   1m  71cm              171 – 88 = 83 cm (the difference)



Write a letter describing the journey from a city to the country. What can you see?  How would you describe the change in features, the population density and landmarks of urban and rural settings? How are they the same? How are they different?

Use these pictures to help you. Imagine you are on a train looking out of the window as you pass gradually from one to the other. Address the letter to me or someone in your class.

urban                                                                           rural

Urban renewal - Wikipedia Rural tourism | HiSoUR – Hi So You Are



Look at this tutorial on how to draw 3D objects and give drawing a cube a go.


Stay safe and take care!

Miss Ayrton