Voice In A Million

At Voice In A Million they are trying their very best to engage children online with singing.

Here are 7 benefits of music for children 
  • It helps to improve their brainpower.
  • It helps them develop social skills.
  • It helps them build their confidence.
  • It inspires creativity.
  • It teaches them patience.
  • It is a great form of expression.
  • It teaches them discipline.



The only requirement is – SINGING! It doesn´t matter if you do it right or wrong, as long as you enjoy singing, you can join this challenge!

They have launched the VIAM Challenges Facebook group


There you will find a 30 day challenge – children can start any day and work through the challenges at their own pace!

A weekly vocal theme competition – So far, VIAM have done Motown, Musical Theatre, the 1980s…

There is also a weekly Zoom meeting – if children want to join in,  you can simply get in touch with me and I will forward you the details to access the online session – Neil, the musical Director, and Jo Garofalo co host the zoom and do a vocal warm up and then split the children into break out rooms and let them work on a song !

Finally, VIAM are now offering online one to one sessions – with Jo Garofalo or with one of her assistants (Emily Burrill and Becs Hallam are also doing free sample lessons).

If you have any questions, please send me an email,


Stay safe.

Miss Castell