Voice In A Million Contest

Dear all,

Last month we should have performed the songs and the dances that we rehearsed for a long time, we were really looking forward to this event at Wembley Arena but, unfortunately, the event was postponed.

Hopefully, we will be able to perform as soon as it is safe to do so.

Jo Garofalo, the Co Founder and Creative Director, sent me this email. Please see below:

“In these very difficult and unprecedented times the well being of all of our children is paramount!

Like many parents out there I am also faced with the task of being “teacher” to my two children and am inundated with extra curricular ideas to ensure their mental health and well being are at the forefront of our minds! Yes our children need to continue with their education but remember they may be struggling too. They are not seeing their friends, they are not getting to end their school year as planned, and now WE ARE THEIR TEACHERS!!! Let them also express themselves and find joy in what they love doing !



Here are the details and rules:

1. Each week we will announce a different theme that submitted songs should be based on.

2. Entrants send us a video performing your chosen song to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, including a small introduction where you give your name, age and a statement that VIAM has permission to promote your video.

3. At the end of each week, the creative team will choose and announce two winners, one from the 7-13 age group, and the other from the 14-20 age group.

4. After 8 weeks, the 16 weekly winners will be given a final song to perform for us, and from those we will select a smaller number of ultimate winners who will have the opportunity to perform a song together ON STAGE at Wembley for VIAM2020!

5. All submitted videos will be given feedback from the VIAM team, and you can enter for as many weeks as you want

6.  Get singing and sending you videos!

7. Remember to use a Karaoke Track to sing along too without vocals!

We can’t wait to see your entries. Let us know if you have any questions!

Jo Garofalo

Co Founder / Creative Director

Voice In A Million

I hope you like the idea and join the contest. 🙂


Miss Castell