Top Tips Mornings

Top tips to help with managing hectic school mornings

Follow this checklist every night and your mornings can be much less frantic!

  • If your child has a packed lunch, put all non-perishable food in lunchboxes the night before then just add the drinks and sandwiches in the morning
  • Put out school uniform the night before
  • When your child/children come home from school if they change their clothes their uniform can be ready and washed for the following day
  • Ensure all school bags are ready the night before and placed by the front door
  • Check that shoes are in their place
  • Check calendar to see what is needed for the following day. For example: PE kits/football kits/swimming kit
  • Check that all homework has been completed and is in their school bag the night before ready to go to school
  • Reading is done and records signed every day

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