The final week for 6 Oak

It’s with a heavy heart that I thought I would post this message today. As we draw to a close this academic year, I want you all to know how special you have made this year, I know it has interrupted and spoiled a lot of events which we were all looking forward too and I’m so gutted for you but remember no matter what you should all be proud of your achievements and what you have accomplished this year both in school and at home. This is not how your final year should go and I wish I could get you all back in to school too say a proper goodbye but this may be my only other option. Coming to Parkside last September you have made me feel welcome from the very first day, treated me with respect, tried hard in everything I asked of even when on PGL or at sporting events – I could not have asked for more. And something not so obvious… everyday, you could put a smile on my face, you could cheer me up even if I was having an ‘off’ morning/afternoon because we all have them and it takes a special class, a special group of people to be able to make someone enjoy each and everyday of work.

I’m hoping this will not be the only way I get to say good luck to you… but if it is, I want you all to know you have made me very proud and there is no way I’ll ever forget my first class at Parkside, you have made me fall back in love with teaching again.

Just promise me … come September you will go to your secondary school with lots of energy and desire to do well – embrace the challenges and reach for the stars.

Take care 6 Oak and remember – stay fired up and be ready to go and in the words of Kid president – you are all awesome! So be the heroes you are meant to be.

Mr Wanless