Sports Week 2021

Firstly a huge thank you to the children of Parkside for taking part in such a dedicated and enthusiastic manner during their Sports Day Competitions.  I know for a lot of us not being able to have our usual sports day has been disappointing and as a parent myself I totally understand, but at this point in the academic year, we felt as a school it was important to adapt our plan to make it safe for our staff, children and their families.

There is lots of hope that next academic year, we can return to what we all love and that is a normal sports day, where we can cheer and celebrate our children’s efforts and successes together as a community.

Another huge thank you must go to Miss Bowers who ensured the week went smoothly and continued to plan vigorously even when I was away at PGL with the Year 6 children.  She supported the children during activities/races and gave up her time to help set up and plan events.

Sports Week could not have been possible without the support of the amazing Parkside staff, who allowed me to take photos, videos and run the afternoons, without them, the week would have been extremely difficult and we wouldn’t have managed as many activities as we did. What is great about the team at Parkside is the relationship we have with the children, walking around… seeing the smiles, the laughter, the competitive spirit, the encouragement, the teamwork… I could go on but this shows how much we care and value the children’s learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos and videos on our social media sites, I will continue to upload next week, as Year 1 will hopefully have their rescheduled sports day.

Kind regards,

Mr Wanless