Review of Home Learning WB 16.11.20 (Year 6)

Good Morning everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend, just a quick message of thanks to all the children and parents for their support over the past week. Miss Wood and myself were thrilled with the work we were sent back, as the children made a good start with their Home Learning. It was great to see the children’s learning develop as they recapped division, explored a clip called Rock, Paper, Scissors for literacy and started to learn all about the importance of Baghdad for their new History unit.

This week we are taking steps to learn how to do long division, while in Literacy we are going to use a clip called ‘Soar’ to mould their writing and thoughts while in History, we will continue to learn about Baghdad and the impact the Mongols had. During the week, I have also scheduled time for active learning, as it’s important to stay fit and healthy, as well as being able to give yourself time to have some fun! On Purple Mash, I have added a reading ‘to do’ based on the mystery story, ‘The Dark Castle.’ Each day, you will need to read a chapter and then answer the quiz questions.  Finally, keep an eye out for some of the art based tasks, we are both excited to see how you get on.

Many thanks for all your efforts and remember to keep going, we will be back in our classrooms very soon!

Mr Wanless and Miss Wood